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Back To Sport Physical Screening


Are you returning to sport after injury?
Are you taking up a sport for the first time?

In either of these two scenarios you need to know if your body is up for the task and what is your current level of risk for injury.

Around the world and across the sporting disciplines return to sport physical screening assessments have been used to determine the readiness of a participant and have significantly reduced the risks of injury.

We are pleased to offer a 'Back To Sport Physical Screening' session which will identify areas of suboptimal physical function which may put you at risk of acute or overuse injuries associated with running based sports.

This assessment is available to males and females of any age, regardless of current activity levels and is suitable for those involved in recreational to higher level sports.

Who will benefit?

  • Have you recently suffered an injury and not yet returned to sport
  • Are you returning to a sport after a period of inactivity
  • Did you pick up an injury last season and are not sure if you have recovered sufficiently well to start the new season
  • Are you taking up a running sport such as jogging, rugby, soccer, GAA, hockey or basketball for the first time

Session Features

  • Injury history; we will ask about your general health, activity levels, medial history and level of function/sport at which you intend to participate
  • A detailed physical assessment will follow including tests of muscle length and flexibility/ muscle strength, stability/ joint range of movement, balance and proprioreceptive control and biomechanical alignment
  • The assessment findings will allow us to put in place a personalised exercise programme which if followed carefully will address and correct areas of concern which may be putting you at unacceptable risk of injury

In addition we will offer training tips relevant to your sport and your exercise programme will be demonstrated in session and then emailed to you within 24 hours.

Benefits of this 1-hour session

  • Return to sport with confidence knowing that you have taken an active step towards reducing the potential risk of injury
  • With a properly prepared body your enjoyment of the sport and overall performance is likely to increase considerably
  • If the exercise programme is continued you should be able to continue your sport for many further years

Duration - 1 hour

Please note: 

Screening assessments are ideally done 4-6 weeks ahead of the anticipated return to sport to allow sufficient time for the prescribed recommendations to take effect. Whilst this type of screening process can significantly reduce the risk of injury, certain types of acute or traumatic injury may still occur as an inherent risk associated with certain types of sports.

by Simon.