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What is PhysioPilates?

PhysioPilates is a powerful rehabilitation and body conditioning programme combining the extensive understanding of body biomechanics from the physiotherapy discipline with the popular exercise routine of Pilates.

Why PhysioPilates Is A Great Choice!

The ideal goal when exercising should be to give as many muscles of the body as possible a decent workout. It makes sense that the body would function optimally if the majority of its muscles, especially all of the stabilisers, received adequate conditioning.

A proven system

We know the body is a complex system and I'm sure most of us have come across wildly differing theories about what is best for our bodies. Sometimes trial and error are what some people go through before they find a suitable exercise routine that works for them.

Keeping motivated

Regular attendance in a class will offer bursts of external motivation by the rest of the group and the instructor. We all know how easy it is to slip behind on our daily exercise commitments, especially if we're training alone. I'm sure many can relate to that feeling;

I would rather chillout at home than go to that class tonight

...but then afterwards actually felt super and grateful for going.

Paying a small fee for your place in a class, having it scheduled in the diary, having familiar faces expecting to see you there and it becoming part of your weekly routine is an important part of the motivation cycle.

More than just a 'once a week class'

Attending a weekly class offers the opportunity to learn new movements and techniques and practise them under professional supervision. A movement with the wrong technique can be such a waste and sometimes damaging to our bodies.

Having a professional instructor available, an expert in the exercise system and the biomechanical functioning of the human body, allows you to ask questions and receive guidance ensuring you're doing the moves right and getting the most benefit from them. Once you know them and have practised good form, you can take them away with you and practise them at home regularly for optimal results.

Is Pilates suitable for me?

Well, let's consider who uses the Pilates system as part of their training

  • Professional footballers
  • Movie stars
  • Multi-discipline Olympians
  • The New Zealand rugby team (World champions)
  • Pro tennis players such as Andy Murray

Wow, that's quite a diverse profile of people and sporting disciplines. So you see, PhysioPilates is a dynamic system that can be applied in many settings.

By  - MPhty BPhysio MISCP BMAS


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