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Rehabilitation can be simply described as a step by step process toward recovery.

In physical rehabilitation we apply a range of therapeutic techniques with the primary goals being to reduce pain and restore the maximum potential of physical function. We also address physical limitations and adjustments that may impact future life helping you cope better and enhance your well-being.

Such therapy can be required for clients who have experienced either minor or significant life changes due to undergoing an illness, injury, or surgical procedure.

Our approach includes a combination of therapeutic exercise with advanced manual therapy and acupuncture techniques.

Some of the cases we rehabilitate:

Everyday Stresses & Strains

The busy lives of modern day society can present varying degrees of lower back or neck problems. Rehabilitation techniques help with strengthening and coping.

See here for self treatment tips for minor injuries .


Our team have all actively worked directly with a number of different sports teams over the span of their careers, such as rugby, hockey, swimming, dancing and others. See our team bios for more details.

We are involved in the care of recreational and professional athletes.
This includes athletic injury management, including acute injury care as well as educating on preventative measures.

Our primary goal for sports people is to achieve full range of joint movement, full strength and high level performance with the reduced risk of further injury.

See here for further information about Sport Injuries .

The Older Adult

There are many physical conditions that affect people as they grow older.
These could include conditions such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Hip and joint replacement
  • Incontinence

We offer preventative rehabilitation for people with osteoporosis for example, aiding the prevention of injuries and fractures to weaker, more brittle bones.

Older people are sometimes at higher risk of falling due to being unsteady on their feet.
Appropriate exercises can restore strength, confidence and balance decreasing this risk greatly.

Post surgically

Following surgical procedures the affected body part is often left with reduced strength and mobility requiring rehabilitation to return to full function.

Women's health

We address women's issues related to child birth, and post partum. These conditions include osteoporosis, pelvic pain in the prenatal and post partum periods, and incontinence.

See here for more details on Women's Health Issues .

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