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25% discount - Pregnancy Pilates programme

Pregnancy Pilates

Please share this news with any expectant 'mums to be'.

We are delighted to be launching this specialised programme with an introductory offer of €15 per class (usually €20) running on a 'drop in' basis for this term only.

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Dry Needling Masterclass with Dr Robert Gerwin

Earlier this month I was privileged to be able to attend a Masterclass in dry needling (a medical acupuncture technique) by Dr Robert Gerwin at the Royal London Hospital for integrated medicine, in London, UK.

Dr Gerwin is a world renowned expert in treating myofascial pain (muscle pain and trigger points) using needling techniques. He is a neurologist and fellow of the American Academy of Neurology and practices in Washington DC.

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Managing an Arthritic Hip

The hips, knees and ankles are the main weight bearing joints of the body. Though they are meant to last a lifetime, it is becoming more common to see younger people present with early signs of wear in one of these joints.

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How Well Do You Know Your Therapist?

I have recently found myself in a number of conversations about the consequences the lack of a national medical regulatory body in Ireland has on public awareness.

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Mulligan Concept Technique

Earlier this month I attended an update course on what is referred to as the ‘Mulligan concept’ taught by experienced physiotherapist and educator Jean Madden MMACP.

This is a hands on, manual therapy approach devised by well-respected kiwi, Brian Mulligan. It focusses treatment of pain and is also concerned with restoring movement and function.

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Sticking Your Neck Out

How many of us stop to consider the position of our head on our shoulders? 

Optimal posture is worth aspiring to; it enhances everybody's shape and size. Whereas a less ideal posture may lead to a reduction in neck mobility along with stiffness, pain and possibly headaches.

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Strained a Muscle - Do I Use Heat or Ice?

Your choice could make the pain better or worse.

Ever heard of the P.R.I.C.E acronym?

How about H.A.R.M?

Commit these 2 simple words to your memory and you'll be effectively self-managing the initial stages of an acute muscle injury.

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Join Summer Pilates Schedule

There are few places left to join our summer Pilates schedule.

Increase strength, flexibility & feel great! 

Join one of our 8 programmes starting between May 28th - 1st June 2012

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