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Super Comfy Strive Footwear

I love my shoes! However, after many years on my feet, I have become much more discerning about the type of shoes I wear. My shoes not only have to look good but feel good. Gone are the days when I can squeeze my feet into a fancy pair of heels and not have very sore feet the next day.

As a runner, I have experienced plantar fasciitis, a painful overload injury involving the thick fibrous tissue which runs from the heel to the sole of the foot.

Diagnosing my own feet problems and working out the best treatment approach is what got me interested in lower limb biomechanics, one of many musculoskeletal physiotherapy sub-specialities. 

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A Physio's Guide to Foam Rolling

Foam rolling is a form of self-myofascial release using a rigid styrofoam cylinder of varying length and degrees of 'hardness'. You can also achieve the foam rolling effect with a rolling pin style device (like I use in the clinic) or a sometimes a hard rubber or rubber spiked therapy ball.

Foam rolling may be useful:

  • To improve exercise performance.
  • As an evening activity to unwind from stress and tension.
  • As an injury, self-treatment modality.
  • To help alleviate muscle tension and soreness after exercise.
  • As part of a morning exercise mobility programme.
  • To enhance mobility in nearby joints (but be careful, see below).
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How to use a Standing Desk effectively

There is no magic bullet or quick-fix solution that will save your body.

Standing desks seem to have become misunderstood as a panacea for improving physical health either at the office and more often in recent times, at home.

The fact is that standing is just another position, and if done for too long or in the wrong way, will create the same problems as excessively long periods of sitting.

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COVID-19: In-Clinic Appointments - Important Safety Information

We are open to provide primary healthcare including Chartered Physiotherapy to our clients in accordance with the latest government restrictions. Our role as essential healthcare providers is further supported by our professional body, the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists.

If you have booked a face to face, in-clinic appointment, please read the following important COVID-19 infection control information.

Face to face, in-clinic appointments are available weekdays for those who have not been diagnosed with COVID-19, are not awaiting a test, do not have symptoms and who are not self-isolating. If you are considered high or very high risk, we recommend that you consult with your GP before attending for physiotherapy.

In accordance with COVID-19 infection control and avoidance measures, we are implementing social distancing methods and strict sanitising within the clinic.

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I am having Surgery, do I need Physio?

A course of physiotherapy is usually beneficial before and, or, after a range of surgical procedures.1,2,3

Examples of orthopaedic procedures include total knee or hip replacements, a knee ACL reconstruction, a joint arthroscopy, a shoulder subacromial decompression as well as spinal procedures such as a lumbar discectomy and laminectomy. Physiotherapy may also be indicated following cardiac and pulmonary (lung) procedures as well as laparoscopies.

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How can I get better quicker?

I am often asked this question. Most clients would prefer to have as few physiotherapy sessions as possible and be back in action quickly.

My response usually includes the following advice:

Attend your scheduled physiotherapy sessions. Regular treatment, especially at the outset, will allow the cumulative therapeutic effects to develop more rapidly. Education, manual therapy, electrotherapy, medical acupuncture & dry needling and therapeutic exercise all help ease pain and promote tissue healing and recovery.

Take on board and apply all the education and self-management advice. A good physiotherapist will provide you with loads of tips and strategies to ensure the right environment is created, both internally and externally, to facilitate healing recovery from injury. For example, posture is essential, as is movement, not just moving regularly but moving in the right way. Diet plays a role in recovery, as does rest and sleep. Getting into the right mindset, thinking correctly and managing your emotive response to pain can have a significant impact. The advice provided will depend on the individual; careful assessment is essential.

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Travel Tips, Feet & Receipts

As this strange year marches on, many of us benefit from some time to pause and reflect on what has happened, where we are and where we are going. To thrive we need to look after our physical and mental health like never before, making it a priority to ensure we are strong and resilient to whatever challenges may come our way. We are grateful to have helped so many of you recover your health after the lockdown period, however, there is still much work to be done.

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Fixing Lockdown, Appointments and a new Blog

It is mid-summer already, and where has the lovely sunshine gone? It might be a bit dull outside of late; however, we like to make sure our clinic remains bright and vibrant. Katie and Rachael contribute with their enthusiasm and energy, always doing that bit extra for their clients. You may have gathered we like a bit of music as well!

The last few months have changed routines and created some new challenges for our bodies. From new online exercise classes to working long hours on laptops at home, we have been sorting out plenty of aches and pains. It has been very satisfying to observe the effectiveness of only a few physiotherapy sessions to help our clients get back on track, feeling better and moving better.
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PhysioPilates Video classes, Update & Zoom?

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of you who have been so understanding and appreciative of the efforts we, along with Katie and Rachael, made to ensure those enrolled in the Spring 2020 term could complete their classes online.
Having a term interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic was undoubtedly not anticipated, and like many clinics, we had to react quickly, making difficult decisions with little information and guidance. When we remember those tough weeks, what stands out is how our physios and reception rallied to help and support us. We will always be grateful for their support.
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Smart Distancing, Smart Shoes & Tension Headaches

I was struck this weekend by the number of people out and about, moving, exercising, benefitting from sunlight and being sensible. The data is clear; after age, it is metabolic health which determines how likely we are to suffer COVID-19 complications. As well as regular movement and exercise, simply cutting well down on sugar and other refined carbohydrates, processed food and vegetable oils can improve your metabolic health in a matter of weeks. 

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