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Simply Walking Helps Low Back Pain

Research has shown that pain, disability, quality of life and fear-avoidance of movement all improve by simply walking for those with chronic low back pain. 

The effects of walking are similar to other forms of exercise that may be used to treat low back pain, such as stretches and strengthening exercises for example.


Adding walking to other forms of exercise does not seem to result in a more significant improvement in pain symptoms in the short term. However, there are many other benefits associated with walking, so adding some walking to your low back pain exercise programme may be very beneficial. 

Check out this article for more about the benefits of walking for the whole body awalkingnd mind. 

Walking is often a less-expensive alternative to other types of physical exercise in chronic low back pain, and you don't need a gym or lots of fancy equipment. That said, it is recommended that before starting a walking programme, you consult with a good physiotherapist, especially if you have low back pain.

Your physiotherapist will advise you about walking dose, i.e. how long or how far, at what speed, how much discomfort is acceptable etc., as well as guide you on technique, biomechanics and footwear, all of which may help you get those most benefit from your walks.

If you need some help, please get in touch.

By Lorraine.

Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay

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