Breathing to Get More Rest

Did you know? By simply blocking light from your eyes and controlling your breath for a while, you can recharge yourself.

When we talk about the importance of rest, we’re not just talking about getting enough sleep. Rest is anything that helps you revitalize yourself. Regardless of how much sleep you get, you could probably use some more refreshment throughout the day.

woman 1967892 640According to business consultant, trainer, and motivational speaker Joy D Baldridge, here are two easy ways to get some more rest.

Firstly, you could take a Purple Break. To do this, set a timer for 60 seconds. Close your eyes, cover them with your hand and relax your breath. Then count backwards from 15, exhaling after each number. So, “15,” exhale; “14,” exhale; “13,” exhale; and so on.

Why is this called a purple break? Joy learned about it from her father, and here’s how he thought of it: when your eyes are exposed to bright light, it decomposes a protein called rhodopsin, also known as visual purple. This decomposition leads to fatigue. By covering your eyes, you’re giving your visual purple a break from the light, allowing it to restore itself.

The problem with a Purple Break is that people might think you’re a bit strange if you do it in public. Fortunately, you can practice the following technique surreptitiously, just about anywhere.

It’s a simple but effective breathing exercise called the 4-4-6. To take a 4-4-6, simply inhale for four seconds, hold your breath for another four seconds and then exhale for six seconds. Repeat this a few times in a row, and you’ll find yourself peacefully returning to the present moment as you let go of your worries about the future and possible regrets about the past. It’s a swift, accessible and versatile technique for reducing stress. You can use it in a wide range of stressful circumstances in which you may feel overwhelmed – whether you’re stuck in a traffic jam, doing your grocery shopping, or working on a project.

Here are Mount Merrion Physiotherapy & Health as part of an integrated approach to treatment we often recommend techniques that promote a sense of restful mindfulness which can also be very effective in pain management and recovery from injuries.

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Lorraine Carroll MPhty(manips), BScPhysio, MISCP
Practice Principal

Image by Renata Hille from Pixabay

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