Vaccinations, Acupuncture & Shoulder Pain

As we move into Spring, it is great to see so many of our regular clients at the clinic over the last few months. We take this as a huge compliment and recognition of our efforts to provide safe and effective physiotherapy at a time when looking after your physical health has never been more critical.

Covid-19 Vaccinations

We’d like to let our clients know that all practising chartered physiotherapists at Mount Merrion Physiotherapy & Health have received a Covid-19 vaccine as essential healthcare providers. We would like to thank the Irish Society of Physiotherapists and the HSE for facilitating this process.

Continuing Professional Developmentbmas

We would like to congratulate Rachael Cleary for completing her Postgraduate Course in Western Medical Acupuncture with the British Medical Acupuncture Society. The BMAS are leaders in providing further education in Western Medical Acupuncture, including the dry needling technique, to medical doctors, consultants and physiotherapists. The impact of Covid-19 has made further education involving practical skills training very challenging and more time-consuming. We would like to commend Rachael for committing many hours to study and working so diligently with Simon (in a safe and controlled environment) to complete her practical needling sessions.

Tips for Shoulder Pain

We’ve noticed an increase in the number of clients attending the clinic with shoulder pain over the last 6 weeks. The cause, in most cases, is referred pain from the neck or an overload of the shoulder muscles due to new or unaccustomed exercises. Please click here for some helpful tips which will help reduce shoulder pain and sensitivity.

Just to remind you...

Medical and healthcare services are deemed essential, including chartered physiotherapy which falls under category (b) therapy services provided by a member of a designated profession within the meaning of section 3 of the Health and Social Care Professionals Act 2005 (No. 27 of 2005). All physiotherapists practising at Mount Merrion Physiotherapy & Health are state-regulated by CORU and meet the requirements.

As always, all infection control and avoidance measures, in accordance with HSE and NPHET guidelines, are being implemented to ensure you receive safe and effective treatment. 

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